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The Vegan Inside
lovey_dorlaque wrote in nontoxic_living
I made the transition from vegetarian to vegan again and finally as I've made a committed toss out of all clothing, shoes, cosmetics, cleansers, and of course consumable products.  I've committed to veganism like a marriage. I have no desire to stray. I have found some great spots for food on the go. Chipotle, Panera Bread, etc. a lot of restaurants have vegan past attempts involved bringing my food in glass containers everywhere I went  which set me up for the fail.
I skimmed through Alicia Silverstone's "The Kind Diet." It's a great read. There are so many relevant books on the subject written in the past few years, if you're interested in making the journey it's a good time to start.
Are there any new vegans or vegetarians out there or have you been flirting with the idea? Let's do this together. If any senior veganistas want help mentor, that would be great. You can either make a new post or reply to this one. 

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I have very little time to mentor because I have kids but I just wanted to comment to say it's SO EASY to be and stay vegan. People who say it's difficult must be trying to cook with an arm tied behind their back or something, seriously. Good for you! Being vegan is rad!

I agree, it's super easy. So glad, I gave it another go.

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