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Toxic Vices
lovey_dorlaque wrote in nontoxic_living
I live a well-rounded organic life.  I vote with my dollar shopping only for products that contribute and foster to ecological conservationism. I buy local, organic produce.  I recycle, reuse, etc. Everything is green about me except for what lurks in my cosmetics closet.  I'm transitioning one bit at a time, it's been a long, vengeful change.  Mainly, my Coco Mademoiselle.  It's liquid poison, I know it.  You know it.  Hello, my name is Lovey and I'm a cosmoholic.
So this day.  I switch to pure essential fragrant oils.
Tell me I'm not the only one out there clinging to some vile remnant.

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(Deleted comment)

More for you than for the environment

Detox actually has as much more immediate benefit for your health than can be immediately seen for the environment. The use of perfume is like ingesting poison. I'd research the tampons you use to assure the lowest risk. Much of organic living is to better your health and your personal environment.

Re: More for you than for the environment

I don't know why that went anonymous, but also check out It's a working group that strives for more manufacturers to take responsibility for the ingredients used that are toxic, carcinogenic, etc.

fragrance is really hard to let go! my favorite oils are sweet orange, grapefruit, and vanilla (together!). I buy them from when I buy my bronners and other stuff. You can find awesome deals on food at that site, too! $5 shipping is worth it when everything is SO much cheaper than the store!

I will check that out. Who knows I may recreate my Mademoiselle?

Hard to give up! I know. I've seen grays popping up.

I'm not doing nearly as much as I'd like to, but for sanity's sake I try to appreciate that my heart is in the right place, and that I do as much as I can.

That's all that you can do. It has to fit your lifestyle and desire. The cosmetics denial is related to my research on

What about your family? Are they on your side? Or do they think you are wasting you time? For me, it's quite difficult explaine why and what for I do it and why it is sos much importante for me

I'm the main person who buys goods in the house, so whether it's a natural, organic product or whether it's conventional...I'm the one who makes the decisions. That helps a lot.

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