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The magic of 100% unrefined shea butter
lovey_dorlaque wrote in nontoxic_living
 I have heard about it for years, but I did not buy into the hoopla.  Now that I'm on my second vat , here's what I've noticed:  Instantly hydrated skin. Minimized lines and wrinkles all over the body, especially the undereye area.  My legs look like an 18 year old's again.  Discoloration fading away. No ingrown hairs after shaving. Tired feet?  I massage a bit of this in and I feel refreshed.  Weird little panacea.  

If you try it, make sure it comes from a fair trade source.

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I've wanted to buy some but I don't know a good source. Where do you get yours?

Here's where I got mine

It's hard to measure fair trade in a third world country, so I am still researching for info to the contrary on that company.

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