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Adventures in Veganism
lovey_dorlaque wrote in nontoxic_living
The key for me is education. I'm a month or so into it. I did research before I began and I visit vegan sites daily. There also plenty of books on Amazon or at the local library. It's easy to follow, but much thought must be put into it if you want to do it healthfully. The same is true of any diet or eating habit.  Actually, I consume a lot less junk food now and more substantial food that my body can use for clean energy. Meal planning has never been a priority for me. I've never been one of those who could sit down on Sunday evening and script out what I will eat every meal for a week. is a great site for those who do prefer planning as you can plug in preferences (only problem is it accounts for vegetarianism, but not veganism...however the only issue is the inclusion of dairy as you can opt out of eggs.) I'm using it as a tool for now to track my nutrition content to ensure I get enough iron, calcium, protein before I stand on my own two legs. I eat plenty of spinach, kale, quinoa, carrots, berries, beans, etc.. I take an iron supplement twice per day and a multi-antoxidant rich in the B-vitamins. I feel equipped and confident with no thoughts of meat and no feeling that I'm missing something. Meal time is rich, colorful, and flavorful.

Book I've found helpful this week: The Kind Diet
Website I've bookmarked: Eco-vegan gal


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